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Porting mobile phone number scam protection

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Just wondering what TPG's protection against scam porting when someone is trying to steal your identity.  With the increase in identity theft, I would like to know that TPG has policies and procedures in place to prevent this from happening.


@colaman TPG follows the standard porting process across all mobile providers. If any illegal porting is reported TPG immediately conducts investigation and assist or process the reversal of the illegal porting.

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But is there anyway of stopping this before it happens? The suggestion below taken from recent article:


Proactive consumers can request a note be made on their account by telco staff to boost identity checks such as a private PIN but few do until they are targeted.



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Yes, TPG allowed my number to be ported without my knowledge or permission. Lost tens of thousands. Best they can offer is a reversal of port and a refund of porting fee! Little confidence in their security arrangements.


@sb1 we apologise for the any inconvenience that this has caused you. The loosing providers are not allowed to block any porting request from any gaining provider for as long as the gaining provider is able to provide the required information.


Please see


15. Can my number be ported without my permission?


Only the account holder, or authorised representative, of a mobile service can authorise a port. The new provider is required to verify that the person requesting the port is authorised to do so before processing a port request.


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