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Receiving Old texts over and over

Level 2

Since mid December I haven't been able to recieve new texts from certain contacts of mine. Instead I just get sent the same old text over and over - every 2 hours it gets send through twice and nothing else can come through. After several days all the texts I should have recieved come through all at once, but then a new-old text starts being sent over and over again and nothing else can come through. They can recieve texts from me, I just can't get new texts from them.

Only happens with some contacts who are on the Aldi network. Can recieve other texts from other sources just fine.

Also, takes 1-5 minutes for my phone to send messages.


Is this a problem with the network or with my simcard? Tried blocking/unblocking, factory resets, removing sim etc.



Hi @ColinK


We'd like to check on this further and see what we can do to resolve this.


Shoot me a PM with your account details.