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I was told by a sales rep the cheapest NBN plan included home phone service and it doesn't. I cancelled the same day and went back to ADSL + home phone.  An NBN modem was then sent to me days later and I refused the delivery and it was returned.


I was charged $10 for this.


I was charged $10 for the "Oz talk" home phone service but I am still paying 25 cents for each phone call I make!


I was then charged $15.14 for a "top-up" even though I was charged $10 for "Oz talk" unlimited local phone calls.


I am owed a refund of $35.14 and I am still not on unlimited phone calls.


How can I be charged $10 for "Oz talk" and then also charged 25 cents a call?!


I have tried calling TPG over a dozen times in the last 2 weeks, online chatting many times, emails, and posting on here twice now.  Each time I am just referred to someone else.  I am due a refund of $35.14 + the phone calls I have been charged since May 13, AND PUT ME BACK ON UNLIMITED LOCAL CALLS.


No more phone calls, no more passing the buck.  Just refund me and fix it.  I have been a customer for over 13 years!




Hi @lhariri ,

In our system we can see you contacted yesterday and they are processing it. Pls wait for their call,we apologise for any inconvenience.