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Refund for nbn services

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Dear customer service,

I have sent the request for cancellation and refund via email to but I was told that I need to pay the outstanding fee of $58 something. I have called TPG a few times last year reporting the internet failure of my NBN service but nothing has been approved, I cannot even use internet properly to watch my start TV or wifi at home. After struggling for a few months I have decided to switch to Vodafone since late August 2018, but because my credit card is connected to my NBN service so I have been charged automatically even though I am Not using TPG at all, I dont think this is fair to us as customers. Thanks for my credit card being expired in December last year I noticed that I have been charging for no service for all these months. I request the refund for the past 4 months and please also waive the $58something outstanding. I have been paying for so long for this service and it would be a big big disappointment as customers if you force me to pay for the service that I did not use for months. Please dont treat your clients like this, I have chosen TPG because of trust, plese dont let me hate you. Thanks!


Hi @ivy007iou,


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It appears that we weren't able to receive any notification with your intent to terminate the service last August 2018. Hence, the billing will continue for the account to remain active.


I understand that our Accounts team is handling the case. I'll chase this up with them and have someone to contact you within the day to provide updates with the case.


Kind regards,