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I have received no correspondence from anyone at TPG since requesting cancellation of my account 3 days ago. I understand that staff may be at capacity at the moment, but since it has been three working days I would like confirmation of my cancellation request ASAP. Phone lines are obviously not available at this time.

Account name and number florawpadraigk 6163173


Re: Request for cancellation : florawpadraigk

Sun, Mar 22, 4:05 AM (3 days ago)

 to me




Thank you for contacting the TPG Cancellations Department.


Your enquiry is important to us and we will respond to your email within 1 working day


If you wish to contact us via the telephone we are available on 13 14 23.


No changes have been made on your account and it remains active until further correspondence.


Thank you for your enquiry.


Kind Regards,

TPG Internet