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SIM deactivated with no notice, no way to contact support except phone!

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I have a SIM only plan. My SIM now appears to be deactivated ("not registered on network") and when I try to log into My Account I get "Sorry, the mobile number on your account is missing or invalid. Please call us on 13 14 23 for assistance."


My first question is: why did TPG not attempt to either email me or at least send a paper mail to tell me what the problem is? The email address on my account is valid (it's the same one as for this forum account), so is the postal address.


My second question is: how can I now establish contact with TPG other than by phone? I am overseas so cannot call a 13 number, and even a regular Australian number would be expensive to call. And again, it should not be my responsibility - and my expense - to contact you to find out the problem!


Hi @simonly


We'd be happy to help! Did you manage to turn on your Roaming service prior to travelling? Please send us a private message along with your TPG customer ID or username. let's get this sorted. 




Level 2

Yes, I did have roaming turned on, and the SIM had worked overseas for a long time.


Anyway, lack of roaming would not explain why I cannot log into My Account, nor why TPG made no attempt to contact me by email or post about this!

Level 2

It's a joke isn't it??

I'm having similar problems.

This Company is ALSO a joke.

No FREECALL to support (Our phones have been cut off for days without warning)

Not even a Chat option (Hell, not even a Chat BOT!!!!)


I hope you rectify you're problem ASAP.


I'm looking for an alternate Telco as we speak - even Optus and Telstra aren't this bad!!!!