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Still being billed for cancelled service for 16 months

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I moved homes in October 2020. I requested for my service to be moved over. The person on the phone at that time advised me to cancel my existing account and set up new account for the new home. I have an email confirming the cancellation + fees. I also have my usernames and account numbers for both accounts.


Today I noticed that I am still being double-billed every month. It seems that one charge is for the old, cancelled account ($59.99) and the other charge is for my new account ($89.99). 


I am unable to investigate this for myself as I can no longer log into my old account. I have tried calling but your wait times are too long and I have previously had poor experiences with your phone support. I've also tried live chat service, but after initiating the chat, the window disappeared and now I cannot get the chat window to show up again.


What can I do to get this investigated and refunded?


Hi @throwaway0117,


Thanks for bringing this matter to our attention. In order for us to investigate on your billing issue, please private message to us your old and new TPG customer ID numbers or usernames. If there is a need of additional information, we will let you know immediately.

How do I private message (PM) in the community