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TPG emailing services being ceased.

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As a result of TPG ceasing to provide email services and having to transfer my email address to the Messaging Company as recommended by TPG, will my monthly fee for TPG Broadband services be reduced by the same amount as the Messaging Company will be charging me for email services, going forward?


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Bruce Felton 


Hi Bruce, 


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TPG will pay The Messaging Company email service charge until 15 September 2024. After 15 September 2024, you will be responsible for paying any charges you incur for the email service. The Messaging Company will contact customers with available pricing options at least 60 days prior to commencing charges for the email service. For more info, please have a read through at TPG email addresses are moving to The Messaging Company I Migrating to TMC? I TMC FAQs







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Hi @brufelto . It has been stated in other threads that the monthly broadband fee will not be reduced when the email service is transferred. Too soon to tell what will happen after Sep 2024 when TPG stops paying TMC. Certainly, TMC will charge users for TPG email addresses after then.

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Thanks Angeli, 

Once the Messaging Company has contacted me with their proposed charge for email. I will make a decision as to wether i bother using my TPG email address any longer.

It hardly seems fair that TPG will not reduce its monthly internet charge by the sam amount that the Messaging Company will be charging.

I'm very dissapointed with TPG in this regard, as a long term customer of theirs I expected a more reasoable response from them. 

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Thanks David