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This. Is. Ridiculous.


I have tried to contact TPG to pay my bill *AFTER* +already+ contacting the NBN internet side of things explaining we have been hacked and the bank has cancelled our Card and we can pay next week (Tuesday latest).

This was accepted by the internet side of TPG and put in their notes -  and then I requested to be put through to the Mobile side - after waiting 10 minutes to be answered (fair enough) I was cut off when the phone WAS answered.


I went to work (it was late afternoon by this time) and I woke up to a service that was cut off.


Fine, I attempted to pay using an emergency alternative card (a relative's) and changed ALL related payment methods.



Of course I cannot contact ANYONE from TPG as I have no mobile service (and no landline).




What company does NOT have (some form of) chat service - OR FREECALL OPTION for an emergency situation????


Now I cannot call my Mother in aged care service.

We have NO phone and no way to restore it because WE ARE NOT EVEN ALLOWED TO PAY THE BILL with an alternate Bank Account AND WE CANNOT CONTACT ANYONE IN TPG TO RECTIFY THIS?!?!?!?!?


WE ARE LEAVING THIS COMPANY AND telling anyone who will listen on social media how we were treated.


Worse than OPTUS!!

Worse than TELSTRA!!





Hey @gregnrose14 


We're sad to learn that you feel that way. Let us take this opportunity to turn around your experience and have our account specialists contact you. In the end that your TPG mobile is currently inactive due to non-payment, we can still have our accounts team to contact you and receive a call.


Our chat team for customer service and technical support is not available during the weekends.  Send us your details via PM so we can coordinate this with our accounts team ASAP.


How to send a PM? 





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Thanks Shane but am unable to PM in IOS.

If it’s something I’m doing wrong I’m not aware of what it could be.

If it isn’t, it’s just another example of bad TPG UI decisions.
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STILL no contact from TPG Accounts and Billing.

STILL no phones working.

STILL the worst company I have ever dealt with.





Hi @gregnrose14 


We were waiting for your response from the private message of our colleague, but we still did not receive any reply.


Kindly fill up the details we need to complete the verification and will go from there.



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I did reply to Shane.




First via the email I recieved (which was the wrong thing to do, as I discovered only after it came back as a no-reply email - other Net communities I'm a member of let you reply via these notifivation emails BTW, but I admit not all systems work as convenientally as that - CERTAINLY not TPG's System)


Then I responded to Shane's PM - unless I've done something wrong - there was no reply to that.


Let's not forget, in addtion to all this:

I Changed my Method of payment 2 days ago, both Credit Card and Direct Debit details and got error messages (payment Failed) several times even though the accounts are valid and solvent. 

I sent "Please contact me immediately" messages (submitted via the App twice - first on Saturday and then earlier today - NOTHING.

I *AGAIN* changed my method of payment earlier this morning (Credit Card and Direct Debit details) - no money has been debited (as far as I'm aware) and AGAIN payment failed via the TPG website.


I'd try to call TPG direct  - oh wait, I HAVE NO PHONES THAT WORK.

OK I'll just use a freecall option - oh wait, THERE IS NONE.

Maybe Just chat direct to support - oh wait, THERE IS NO CHAT OPTION.


I'll now attempt to PM you Basil - maybe THAT will work?

But hey, who the hell knows.



Alright. We'll be waiting for your PM @gregnrose14 


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So I've been contacted by phone (ironically) by the Accounts and Billing Dept.


They've apologised for the fact that my (NBN Internet Billing) Login username apparently allowed me to (confusingly) pay for the Mobile Phone side of things - but not really, hence my phones still being out of service.


I've rectified this now with their help (still no service, but to be fair that will presumably take 1-3 hours).


I've asked them to note down on feedback how furious I am re: this whole debacle, leaving me unable to contact my relatives and the care facilities on the very weekend that my Mother passed away (sounds made up I know - it's unfortunately true).


Look, I get this is just another faceless company and they don't care, but it's sad it's come to this.


I'll be going to another telco as soon as I can and will be spreading the message FAR AND WIDE to my other friends/Family to do the same if they're with TPG.

A company that will happily cut off your phone at the drop of a hat - certainly with no clear warning - and then (effectively) provide no easy way of restoring it.


Oh, and the Lady from TPG who called me back - was it in response to my multiple submissions for contact days (and again, hours) ago?

Nope, it was my wife who borrowed a friend's phone, waited (in her words) "a horrendously long time" to get help and then gave them my number to call me.


I may be outta line here, but just as a thought (and I know, this sounds CRAZY) instead of getting an *AHEM* "community" notice board to help 2nd hand with any dire issues, maybe they can provide an EASY, FREE/EMERGENCY option to contact the company - you know DIRECTLY.

(Even on the ** weekends)




P.S. Let's see how long it takes for TPG to quietly delete this Thread of mine....

P.P.S.  I'm screen-shotting EVERYTHING.


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Unfortunately this is the typical customer support provided by TPG. It's no wonder that their rating keeps falling.

No way to contact support online except for going through this crappy messaging system which is a major pain in the ass.

TPG customer service has become so bad and now they have decided to stop providing email services, a basic requirement of an ISP.

Now there is no reason to stay with TPG any longer.