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URL for opt-in for NBN100 speed upgrade broken; and Account log in site failure (Error 403, F5 site: ty8-tky)

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Hi there,

I am facing an issue with the opt-in for nbn-100.


I received an email saying that my broadband fee would increase. Within this email, there is a URL link to opt-in to a free 12 month NBN100 speed upgrade. The link in my email does not work. The page hangs for several seconds and always results in a "This site can’t be reached" (ERR_CONNECTION_RESET) error page.


=> Can you please officially opt my account into the free 12 month NBN100 speed upgrade, since I am unable to access the URL?


Hi @gmrsagar, try it on another browser. If you still need help, send us a private message with your details and we can go from there.