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Unable to change plans because of TPG's unfair policy

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I have got a call from TPG saying I should upgrade to NBN as ADSL will be gone soon. If I don't upgrade then I will have no internet connection when ADSL is gone. Here comes the problem, I am under 18 months contract and still 12 months are left. TPG is asking extra money to upgrade to NBN where as I knew I don't have to pay anything extra if I am already in a contract. Now, they are saying, if I take another 18 months contract only then I can get the free ungradation. 

I am not willing to pay any extra money and don't even need the upgrade. I am okay with my present line and as I am under contract for another 12 months if the connection drops out permanently before this 12 months that is not fair. I just want the guarantee that I will have my present connection until my contract ends and if it's not available then TPG will not charge me any fee for contract cancellation fee as I am not cancelling anything, they are the one who is not being able to provide anything. And also I should get a notice period if the connection goes out permanetly. 

This is really frustating and after this type of customer service I can not wait my contract to be over so that I can leave TPG. Very disappointing. If it is like that then TPG should have told me that I will have to pay extra money when NBN comes ,otherwise I will have no internet even though I am under contract.

I would like to have any of the following options:

1. I get a free upgration as I am still under contract and it will be for next 12 months.

2. I do not take the upgradation to NBN but when ADSL is not available anymore TPG will not charge any cancellation fee if it's before my contract is over.




Hi @Li


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We were able to locate your account using your community details and reviewed the offer that was given to you.


There might be a misunderstanding with their offer. Since you are still under the 12 Months contract, then they've offered you additional 6 Months (total 18 Months) to waive the $99.95 setup fee. They don't mean to add another 18 Months to your existing 12 Month contract.


The NBN service is mandated by the ACCC. You may check the information here.


We understand that you've been contacted by our Escalations team and settled this case.


If you need further assistance, please let us know.