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Unauthorised cancellation of mobile number

Level 2

Customer reference: 1201XXXXXX
Customer username: genmcXXXXX

Please help. I have contacted the customer service line to enquire why my very newly posted number (a phone of which I need for my son) has been cancelled. The man on the line very rudely kept insisting the number was cancelled because it had not been used in 180 days. I told him this was not true that he and converse on the phone frequently. I told him it was only ported across from Vodafone within the last month and told him I could give him the order reference number. He asked if I could wait on the line for a moment while he looked again. This time he told me that it had been cancelled by myself, to which I most certainly had not. Then he said my son had. He also has most certainly not. I asked if he could put me through to somebody else to which his reply was no, it’s been cancelled. I questioned what was going to happen to the remainder of the money to which I’d paid a full month? Also I asked for evidence of myself canceling the phone? And in response he hung up on me. I am very upset. My son is very upset. I am a working mother and my son needs a working mobile in case of emergencies. We do not have a house phone. You have also taken $15 for the month the day you disconnected the mobile number.


Hi @genmcleod,


We surely would like to check what happened in this instance. Please send us a private message and we'll go from there.