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Understanding your TPG Mobile and Home Wireless Bill

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TPG has recently upgraded its billing system which means some customers will start receiving monthly invoices by email. If you have signed up recently for a TPG Mobile, Home Wireless or 5G Home Broadband service, you will also receive an invoice for your first upfront payment.


You can check out your invoices in My Account or in the email we send to you.

This guide will take you through your invoice and where you’ll find all the usual information about your account and charges.






  1. Here you’ll find the Invoice Number and Account Number, which you can use as a reference for your account.
  2. This box contains the all-important due date for your invoice. All TPG services are prepaid. For your first invoice you will pay for your service for the month. Each month thereafter, you will be charged 7 days prior to the end of the monthly period for the following month's monthly charge.
  3. This section shows your regular invoice charges.
  4. This box will show the date when your nominated bank account or credit card will be automatically debited for the amount due.
  5. The Account Summary will show your spend for each type of service you have with us. You’ll find a detailed breakdown of charges in the Invoice Charge Details section.






Charges will be clearly listed underneath the service along with the billing period they’re for. The first time you’re charged for an active service or if you change plans, you may notice more than one charge for different billing periods. This is to make sure that your service is billed up to one full billing period in advance.



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