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Unhappy with service

Level 2
So I went a month and a half without internet to be told what i had suggested in the first place - faulty modem needed to be replaced. Had paid two months worth in advance so i should be in credit two months. TPG representative had confirmed that i was in credit and would not be charged until credits were used up. I had asked to be compesentated another month as i went without internet for a month and a half due to their negligence- i was always calling back to check up on appointments. 4 appointments made where they asked me to stay home from work- only turned up twice out of the four appointments. Finally got a new modem!
Now back to my current situation TPG is trying to take a further $60 out of my account. I have tried to call this company but since covid 19 is happening I have had no help.
Id appreciate if you would stop charging me and actually do what you said you would do. Please fix your negligence. Your service has been terrible for me and i would not reccommend your company to anyone.