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Unusual charge to home phone

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Yesterday I was sent an email notification that I had been billed as my balance dropped below $5.00. Could somebody please explain why this is? I attempted to make a call at that time however the call did not connect and there wasn't even a ringtone. I tried logging into my TPG account however I was unable to find a list of calls anywhere in my account usage. Could somebody please advise how to access this? Thank you, Megan


Hi @mtones43,

The Home Phone Pre-payment Outside Included Value (POIV) is used for any phone usage that is not included in your plan.


It will not reset every month, but it will automatically debit the account once the POIV value drops down below $10.


For example, for this billing cycle you still have $10 left, so for the next billing cycle it will still be the same. However, once the POIV dropped to $9 - $5 below, then the system will automatically debit the account with the needed amount to make the $20 requirement.


Hope this video helps: TPG $20 Prepayment Outside Included Value


Please feel free to let us know should you have further queries.