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Video: Updating your credit card details

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Updating your credit card details


This article provides information about how to change the credit card details on your TPG account through TPG’s secure website. The change will be effective immediately and used for your next charge.




What To Do


1. Log into My Account at




Tip: Visit the direct link and then skip to Step 3.


2. Click Update Contact & Payment Details




3. Select Update/Enter Credit Card Details




4. Update your credit card details, then click Update Details Now.





Tip: Check out the rest of My Account while you're there. Check your usage, view statements, change your plan, move home and more! 

Level 2

I have updated my credit card details as suggested I not sure why I had to do this as I changed nothing) but still no connection, also note by the time I login Ed into my credit card the $1charge had already appeared. Apart from rebooting wifi box I have not touched or changed any thing. From some where a message appears from"Huawei Home Gateway HG659 a message that there is a cable erro (8180) and to try again or try WLAN to setup WLAN connection all failed. Note that WIFI box has light for power constant green and WLAN flashing green.

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