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Voice Add On Change

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I've changed the voice add-on on my NBN plan, and I did it the day before I thought my bank account is due to be clipped by TPG for the next month.


After changing ONLY the voice add-on to Oz-Talk from Big-Talk, I get an email from TPG saying (in part)

A credit of $15.80 for the unused portion of your previous plan has been applied to your account, less any outstanding usage charges.


I then checked my account on the TPG site and it says I have a debit (?) of $44 ?

So I checked my bank (online) and see that TPG has deducted only $10.


So, just what is the account status of my TPG account ?

And just when is TPG going to deduct the next month from my bank account ?

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Bump ?


Hi @furrysof


I have sent you a PM in response to your query.


Please don't hesitate to reach out should you need further assistance with your TPG service.




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to ask a question should I reply to the email you sent me, or ask here ? (where ?)


Hi @furrysof

You may reply to the email if your concern is account specific.