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WOW TPG You are truely useless!

Level 2

Ok so my mobile was billed and Imissed payment 

Rang them up and Paid on 14th July

They said no worries phone be back on 48 hours

A week later no phone

So I rang back on the 21st and paid it again mind you (so now I have made 2 payments)

ok your phone will be on by Monday 

Now it's the 3rd August still no phone and TPG claim they haven't received any payments although I have sent ss out of my bank and they can't seem to ring me about it but I 

can receive calls from anyone else who rings... sound strange yes it does doesn't it

I have received one call from them in whole of this time, that's it and how convenient 

that I couldn't hear them but my daughter rang straight after and I could her fine!

NOW they want a front facing photo Id of me and no digital ss and send to the link they sent me via my messages but of course I didn't get no message did I to send it.

WTF kind of organisation is this where mobile expects can't **in make a phone call , find my payments and put my phone back on and I have 2 internet acco7nts with them.

FFS no service with them or on your phone. Go get Telstra ffs 🤦‍♀️ 



Hi @winnie37 ,


Let us help understand what happened with the payment and status of the account. Could you send us a PM with your details to better understand the situation?


How to send a PM?