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Waiting on line 2 hours after speaking to Customer service 1 - cannot access web site

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HI there,


So, after waiting for 1.5 hours for customer service 1, and then being put thru to customer service person 2, after another hour, and finally getting the deactivated account reactivated. I have now received a text telling me, of course I dont need to wait on the phone because I can just log the web site. But I cant can I because after miussing a payment of $30.00 on Dec 20, my account has been deactivated 10 days later and because the account has been deactivated, (my work account no less), I cannot access the web site! So, whay was the account deactivated? Apparently I missed a payment. I cannot identify whether the tpg emails that I am getting from bella someone are even tpog emails or a scammer! Clearly these guys dont even know their own processes. If they did I would not get a text telling me that I caan access the web site when I cant because my entire account has been deactivated!!! I guess I will get another email telling me I have been promoted whatever that means! Is it possible, I could be promoted to better customer services?

I wonder what needs to happen before that happens. Yes, after listening for an entire hour to a boice message telling me to log on to the web site, they send me a text as well with the same message. I cant do that because after 10 days my account has been deactivated! How ridiculous! No wonder everyone has to call them all the time. Happy new Year!!! Can't wait till  next quarter when it all happens all over again, because the direct debit doesn't seem to work!!!


We responded to your initial post located here. Shoot us a PM with your details to better understand the situation.


How do I private message (PM) in the community


We will disable this thread and provide the update on the initial thread to avoid redundancy and confusion.