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Waiver of 30 days cancellation notice

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I need to move to my friend's home for half a year while looking for a new house. I called TPG to cancel NBN service 30 days earlier than cancellation date. I was NOT told about any exit fee or cancellation fee. But now I received an email telling me to pay 77.41 as the "Cost for service during 30 day notice period". In the email it says:


Dear Customer,

Your cancellation request has been processed and finalised.

The details of your cancellation are as follows:
 - Username: ***
 - Customer ID: 7156548
 - Cancellation date: 21/7/2024
 - Cost for service during 30 day notice period: $77.41
 - Early termination fee: $0.00
 - Less paid-up credit on current service: $79.99
 - Total amount to be debited: $-2.58


Please would you waive the notice fee considering I have given the notice 30 days earlier and have been a long standing customer of TPG. Thanks.

Community Manager

Hey @tianzhixin, we'll check out this fee for you so that we can make sure you were charged correctly. Please send us through a private message.