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Want to cancel my NBN service ASAP

Level 2
I have been calling TPG to cancel my NBn for almost two weeks now but haven’t been able to talk to anyone. I understand that it’s because of the pandemic but TPG should arrange other alternatives for its customers. I have moved to different address now so wanted to cancel my NBN service for last two weeks now. I have also sent emails and I have made multiple attempts to chat to TPG’s live chat. But all they do is keep me waiting for almost 30 mins. I would like to let you know that I am under no-lock in contract. I wanted to cancel the service before TPG charge me for coming month, but they have now charged me $69.99 last night and I’m not happy about it. There should be an option to cancel service from our customer account but they don’t have any.
Level 2

Same issue here... the online chat is apalling. And there is no way to remove your credit card details so they'd stop charging you...