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Which plan should I choose for my grandfather?

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Hello. I looked at your plans and
I have a question. Which plan would be best for my grandfather to watch movies and shows online? I have no experience with your company, so I'm asking. Grandpa lives in Melbourne and asked me for more exact information. Thanks.


I hope I chose the right section for the question.


Hi @JackRussel


Thanks for raising this with us.


If it's just your Grandfather and only wants to use the service for streaming shows and movies online, then you may choose the NBN50 plan.

It is good for streaming multiple HD videos and it is one of our best NBN plans.


In case you are not able to process the order online, you may send me a PM with your preferred time and best number to be contacted along with your Grandfathers' address for us to arrange a call from our Experts for discussion.