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Why do you charge for a service you no longer provide

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I have made numerous phone calls each lasting approximately 2hours in duration and my issue still hasn't been resolved. The worst decision I've ever made was switching to the wireless plan from my NBN. I was promised less dropout, better connection, and faster speeds, none of which I have received. This was the most atrocious service I've ever used, which threatened my household's employment due to the lack of any viable internet connection. I had my internet plan switched back to an NBN 100 plan which I have since found out 100mbps isn't providable in my area, so TPG is charging me for a service which they cannot provide. After numerous phone calls and hours on hold, I was advised my wireless broadband would be disconnected, yet the day after I paid $90 for my NBN plan I was charged $49.99 for my wireless plan that was disconnected the day prior. I have been charged for the past 3 months, each of my invoices says wireless. which is a service I no longer use nor should have connected. After the first incorrect charge, I requested a refund and not a credit to my account. I was told the refund would take 3-4 business days, 2 weeks later still nothing. I called again was told to wait another 3-4 business days and that someone in accounts and billing would call me. After zero contact from TPG, I have still not received my refund and still continue to get charged for a service you no longer provide me.  Due to the atrocious service have changed providers and you are still charing me I have no other choice at this stage and I'll be taking further action against TPG if this isn't resolved. How do I get this to end? 


Hi @Shivo1


We appreciate you sharing your service experience with us. I can take a closer look on your account and I'll see what I can do to resolve the matter at the soonest. Kindly PM your TPG account details. Here's how: How do I private message (PM) in the community