Worst company ever

Level 2
Since last December I tried out Tpg internet service, unfortunately it keeps dropping out/ not usable at all, even their technician can’t figure it out . Then I asked to cancel the plan. Ive been waiting for the cancel confirmation until I received the next charge, rang tpg again then they finally send me the first confirmation.
I sent back both of the modems the very next day (due to the internet issue they sent me a second modem which was not working either) using the econnote “sticker” they put in the second parcel. Now they’re saying that i need to return the modems, like wtf? I’ve done that already. Rang them so many times,keeps saying that they couldn’t find the parcel that i sent back, one of the service guy told me that I shouldn’t even use the “sticker” thing but need to use the econnote from my “email”, but the first econnote was sent to my email ONE MONTH after my cancellation confirmed.

Anyway, I’m now facing another fee for “none return “, i hope tpg will keep investigating the case but not freaking charging people for ** service

Hi @jjj60703


Thanks for raising this to our attention.


We'd like to look into your account for better understanding of the situation.

Please send me a PM with your TPG username or customer ID number to assist you accordingly.