XXL Plan

Level 4

NBN A total waste of time and money.


I switched over from ADSL2+ with the home phone bundle, the speeds were average 5Mbps, but not bad, the home phone plan a dream, unlimited everyting for $10 per month.


Misinformation is rife, when I got notifiction that NBN was availablem and all I had was 18 month's to switch over, I put it off (the switch to NBN) for as long as possible.


I am now on NBN, it's costing me an extra $10 p/m to the same unlimited data as I had on ADSL2+, and TPG in their greed charge now for any 13 numbers I ring, and what is their Support number a 13!!


The whole NBN is a clustf@@@

Level 2

I am in the same boat ,changed to NBN and lost my calls to mobiles + 1300 & 1900 numbers and none of my email clients will send or receive my tpg or gmail emails . TPG blames Windows for the email problems but all used to work on TPGs ADSL2+ ,I feel ripped off as tpg told me if I changed to NBN I would get modem for free then hit me $10.00 for delivery of said modem.

Level 4

TPG don't know their heads from their a@@'s, I had a similar issue with my email, I finally figured out how to fix it.


1.  Make sure you back up all of you emails  (MOST IMPORTANT)


2.  Delete your old ADSL email account.


3.  Start the setting up of your email account AGAIN, make sure you use user ID in the email address e.g. TPGSux@tpg.com.au



N.B.  With NBN if you used an alias email account it won't work with NBN


koll Not only am I pi@@ed off with the loss of th features I had with ADSL, namely the 13 numbers (and what number do TPG use for there help line (need I say more).  Because they in their wisdom only want you to use their crappy routers for a phone line, my router just died on me one evening, I had to use my mobile (at my own expense) to ring them, told them what had happened, I was told a replcement would be sent out.  


After two weeks of waiting I sent them an email asking where the replacement was, I was informed that in order for a replacement to be sent out, I had to return the faulty one first.


Where does that leave me?  No Internet and no phone, meanwhile they are happily scooping the money out of my account.



Level 8

Changing to an NBN plan from ADSL should've made no difference to your email settings, I'm not saying it didn't in your case but I had a seamless transition last week, both my windows 7 pc's running outlook 2007 and my wifes and my iPads and iPhones had no issues at all.