FTTN50 switchover time

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I have been notified that my plan has been switched over from old boost to FTTN50 - is this done remotely or by a technician at exchange/node? How long it takes before I can see the speed change on my connection?


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The change of plan from NBN25 (Boost) to our NBN50 (Fast) plan will be done remotely. It usually takes 1 to 3 business days to complete the order, but I can see on your account that the upgrade has been completed.


I have run a test and was able to detect that you are getting a good sync.


Should you require any assistance, please let us know.


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Thanks for your response.

I ran some speed tests on my connection after the changeover was confirmed, however I do not see any difference in my download speed - it is still 18-20 Mbs during 7-11pm and and 22-23 during offpeak times, whereas the FTTN50 plan states that speed upto 42Mbs may be achived during 7-11pm. The upload speed has remained the same as before at 3-4 Mbs. Please advice.


Hi @khangaroos, the Fast (nbn50) has a typical evening speed of 42.8Mbps and ideal for streaming 4k video and heavy users.


Typical Evening Download Speed is measured between 7pm and 11pm. The actual speeds for the service may be slower and vary due to many factors, including the type/source of content being downloaded, hardware and software configuration, the number of users and performance of interconnecting infrastructure not operated by TPG. Devices connected by Wi-Fi may experience slower speeds than those connected by Ethernet cable.


Nevertheless, we'd like to investigate what's causing the speed issue. Please PM us your best contact number and available time to receive a call so we can have a specialist contact you for troubleshooting.