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billing should be sent automatically

Level 1a

I don't find it an acceptable level of service to not have billing  advice sent automatically. I see from an answer to another customer that you don't consider it a key and core necessity.


By contrast, I am getting monthly billing advice by email for a different ISP I use at a different billing address. I'm also getting email advice of automatic billing for utilities such as electricity and gas, so I don't see why TPG can't offer the same basic service instead of having to actively log into my account to check on billing.


I'm not happy with this ommision - or I am missing the spot where I need to "turn on" billing advice. Please advise.




Hi @gavinchester ,


Welcome to the community!


TPG is a prepaid service and because of this, we do not provide a paper bill. We only accept credit card and direct debit payments for the monthly automatic debit. You may also access and view your monthly statements online:


Your feedback matter to us we will pass this on internally. Let us know should you require further assistance.



Level 1a

Thanks for the response Shane. You misunderstood my frustration and disappointment at what I consider the serious gap in service from TPG. A no time did I mention or consider a PAPER bill. That would be ludicrous. What I did say was the lack of email advice of the bill as typically provided by other big ISPs and most other service providers of all shapes and sizes. Why are TPG not providing that? It would take a few tiny lines of code to send the invoice notice as an email advice everytime you bill a customer.


Thank you @gavinchester for your feedback we will raise this to our Management for now you may check your billing statements online.