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How do I cancel my NBN.

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My account # is XXXXX. It hasn't worked in a week and your help desk keeps sending me the same useless canned responses.


**Note: Post has been edited to hide your customer ID for security purposes


Hi @dbeastly1 


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I'm sorry to learn that you've considered canceling your account at this stage. I check your case and it appears that your service was disrupted because another provider took the connection away from us and transferred it to them. This was done on August 28. The possible explanations are the following:

  1. You or someone on your behalf inquired or placed an order with another provider and that the said provider immediately transferred the service.
  2. Someone else might have placed an order with a different provider using your address by mistake.

This issue was already escalated to our Provisioning Team. In order to restore your service, we will need to retrieve the connection back from the other provider, that is if you wish to continue with us. Should you wish to proceed with your request to cancel your account, send me a PM providing the customer ID/username, best contact number and preferred time for a call.


For your reference: How do I private message (PM) in the community




Hi @dbeastly1 


I can see that we're now able to get your connection back. Your service should be working at this point. Let us know if you still require additional assistance.