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cancellation of my NBN service & my ADSL2 +

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I tried couple of hours try to cancel my TPG services, and no luck to get through. I have applied to open the NBN service with TPG back to 14 - Jan- 2019, and have been advise the service will be active between 2- 30 days. I have been told by your customer team that the NBN will be installed on 13th Feb 2019, and on that day I took a day off work and wait your technician to come to active my NBN services. However there is no one turned up at all, and no call and message to advise me the reason and installation status. After I talked with your customer service staff and the case manager, they told me the earliest date for the installation will be 23rd April 2019, which is about 3 month after my application. Now I want to cancel my NBN application, and also cancel my ADSL2+ as the 30 days notification required. Bye TPG! Sucks

Hi @Xinfa


Welcome to the Community! 


We regret to learn that you no longer wish to continue in having the service installed. Apologies as well if the committed service timeframe was not met. We are dependent on our wholesale provider to connect your service, therefore we are subjected to their connection timeframe.


I can have one of our Accounts Specialists to assist you with your concern however I am unable to pull up any account using your Community details alone. 


If it's not too much to ask, could you please send us with your Customer ID or the service address via private message so we can assist you accordingly? 


We'll wait for your response.