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cancellation of my account

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To whom it may concern,
Hi, my name is Alex I would like Cancel the service for TPG that I never received.
I signed up on the 10th of November 2018 Via phone call and was promised that the service would be installed within 7 -28 days. It's has now been 6 weeks(1 month and 4days) since i have phone up.
We've organised the technician to come over multiple times, but each time they fail to complete the installation.
The first time there was  some miscommunication between the technician and my parents and the technician advised my mother that they would come over on Saturday to complete there task of the installation and just left without doing the installation as they were not able to find the Foxtel line( I did advised the consultant that we did not have Foxtel). That's when I phone up TPG to reconfirm the information that we were told, however the TPG staff member advised that the technician does not work on the weekends. I was advised on that phone call that that the technician said we wanted to reschedule the appointment when my parent was at home. I was AMAZED, it was so difficult to arrange someone to be at home that day as everyone works Monday's to Friday's 9-9 pm.
Soon after we booked another appointment and it was reschedule to the 13th of December 2018, however due to the weather which is understandable that the technician decided to cancel as it was a hazard.  However this appointment was push back another 3 weeks to the 2nd of January and i was told that was the earliest time frame to get it installed. In January we will be on holiday for that month, so the installation would be push back another month to February.
So in other words, I would like to cancel the service with TPG
Please give me a refund on my installation fees which was never done, and how do I send your modem back to you.
warm regards,

Hi @alexkha1991,


Welcome to TPG Community!


We apologise for the inconvenience this is causing you and we'd like to help get to the bottom of this.


We have located the account using your community details and we regret to know that you have decided to cancel the service.


We have raised your concern to our Escalations Team and an escalation officer will contact you before 5PM Victoria time to further discuss the matter.


Should you have a preferred contact number and time, please send it via private message. Thank you.


Hi @alexkha1991, we can see that our Escalations Team has been in touch and discussed the resolution to the concerns you have raised.


Should you require further assistance, feel free to message us. Cheers!