Level 1a

Hi my name is xxxxxx.

I was using your internet service 

And Id like to stop using because I already moved out from my property. I already called you and you guys told me already sent the document for cancellation, But I had nothing . Can you send again?


Hi @cyz852 


Welcome to the Community!


We regret to hear that you're leaving TPG, but I can understand the reason behind it.


I tried to pull up your record using the account details you provided, but we're not able to find an exact match. Can you send me a PM with your customer ID or username together with the service address?


*Note: we edited your post to hide your name and email address.




Level 1a

my user name is xxxx
In using your internet service
in xxxxxx
name : xxxxxx


Hi @cyz852, we were still unable to locate the account using the information you have provided.


Please PM us the home phone number, mobile number and email address linked to the account instead.


To send a PM, please refer to this link:

How do I private message (PM) in the community


Hi @cyz852, thanks for providing the details via PM.


We have located the account and we can see that you have been in touch with one of our account specialists who sent the cancellation details to the email address linked to the account. 


Please check the first email address you have provided via PM. Thank you.


Hi @cyz852, we have already advised our Accounts Team to send the email to the email address you have provided via PM.


Let us know if we can be of further assistance. Thank you.


Hi @cyz852, the email has been sent to your email address.


Let us know should you need further assistance. Thank you.