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change of ownership of account

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Hi, I seem to have been going around in circles for 5 weeks trying to get our internet and phone fixed. We are a small museum and the contct person named on our account no longer volunteers at the museum. I managed to locate her and she has filled in the details on a change of ownership form. I have filled in the other relevant parts of the form and also an updated direct debit application although the details remain the same. I forwarded these to and received an automated response that i should do this online.  I cannot access the account nor our email account registered to our service as the internet and phone is not working. How should I proceed? our service has not been working for a month




Hi @nhmuseum


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We'll check on the status of your change of ownership request. Send us a private message with the TPG customer ID or account username please.

How do I private message (PM) in the community




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Hi. I have encountered a similar situation.