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customer support so bad it is useless and so i will probably cancel

Level 2

I needed to move my account to my new address and was told by the customer support chatbot, that I need to do it online and then a TPG rep will contact me to organise a time to transfer the internet. I was not moving into my new place until a couple of weeks later. I did the online process and was informed by an auto email that my new premises were already set up and the transfer would occur automatically in 48hrs (weeks too early) and a modem/router was send out to me and my bank account was charged the transfer fees. I spoke to a customer service rep again (after several hours trying) and they said the auto-transfer can't be stopped, however, once it has been moved across, they will move it back again straight away. and that when I DO want to move, I need to speak to a customer support representative, and not do the online process as that will prevent another Modem/Router being sent to me. So for the last 3 days, I have been trying to get hold of someone to tell them to now move the account. And after ringing and trying the chat for all day today, I managed to get through to be put on hold for 4hrs (not speaking to anyone). I think it is probably easier and faster for me to cancel my account with TPG and use another ISP that it is to actually have the 2 minute quick conversation needed to action the transfer.