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emails have stopped sending on iphone

Level 2

I have a tpg email only account. As of today I can no longer send emails from my iphone (works ok when logged in via post office on a laptop). I've tried changing my passwords and waiting the recommended 30 mins (taken from the solution for similiar queries) but this hasn't solved it. 

I have also tried another suggestion to change the port to 995 - that just hangs on 'verifying'. 

How can I resolve this?


Hi @gus42


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We've created an article that will help our customers check the setup of their Email on their iPhone/Android devices. Please check the article: Setting up email on your Iphone and Android phones


Since your account is working fine using Post Office, it means that there's no issues within your TPG Email account.


You may also report the issue with Apple support for further checking of the application.