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number is not transferred over

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NameSmiley Very Happyeokseong 


i want to that.... the number is transferred over to Woolworths Mobile...

Woolworths Mobile subscriber is my wife.

how can i that


Hi @deokseong0499!


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We're saddened to know that you wanted to port out your Mobile number  to Woolworths. May we ask why you wish to tranfer over to Woolworths?


Should you wish to proceed, you may have to subscribe with Woolworths, for them to port in your current mobile number to their network.

Level 2

i want transferred over mobile i move work in is area just call telstra.


Hi @deokseong0499,


As long as your account with us is still active, you may contact your new mobile provider and tell them that you want to port your current number to them.


Once the porting is finished, you need to contact our Accounts team on 13 14 23 to terminate your account to avoid double charges.


Kind regards,