request to cease NBN

Level 2

Hello, I sent an email to customer service advising I was poviding notice to cease an NBN account. Two days later I recieved an email asking me to provide a contact number and time for someone to call me advising no action had been taken.

My original email contained a contact number and times I would be available.

Why does it appear that TPG is stalling? Do they want to charge me for extra days of usage?

I am hoping this social media approach may get some action instead of stalling behaviour.



Hi @annoyed_user,


Welcome to the Community! 


I've located an account using your Community details and has seen the e-mail you've sent to us. 


Appreciate your feedback and my apologies if your contact details has been overlooked.


I can see here that this has been raised to our Account Specialist team. 


I've now flagged this with our Accounts Team and I've requested for a call tomorrow, 17 January between 7:00pm - 8:00pm (outside business hours as requested on your email) to discuss this further with you. 


We hope we can welcome you back to TPG again in future.