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ADSL Cancellation

Level 1b

I made the cancellation request and received the email. The email mentioned that one of the staff will be in touch with me. But I'm currently in China I probably missed the call. Is the cancellation successful ? Do I have to contact with the staff for cancellation?



Hi @q904711520


Welcome to the TPG Community! 


Since you will not be reachable via phone call, I would recommend that you respond to the email directly as your request has not progressed yet. 


You may inform them on when would you want the cancellation to take effect as we require a 30-day notice. 


I have removed the screenshot you posted for your security and privacy as it contains your TPG account details.


Should there be anything that we can further assist you, feel free to let us know. 



Thank you! 

Level 1b
Hi Ahra_G
The email I responded is denied, and do I need to make a call to TPG? could you please post the number for me?
Moverover, I'm confused about why I have to received the call in order to cancel the TPG account, I have already made request and mentioned the date of cancellation, which means TPG must cancell the acount for me. if I didn't receive the call, i have to pay the fee of ADSL forever?


Hi @q904711520


The reason why we ask our customers to send an email is because we need a written notification from the account holder that they wish to cancel the service. Since they have replied to the email you sent means they already acknowledged your request. 


I'd be glad to organise a call back to be made from our Accounts Team however our hotline does not support international calls since you are currently in China. You may contact our support hotline at 13 14 23.


Nevertheless, I will inform our Accounts Team to send you another email for clarification regarding this concern.




Level 1b
Thanks for reply, I have spent $20 to make a international call for cancellation, then I receive a email which including the address of website for cancellation request. when I made the new request, I received the totally same email told me the cancellation request is received and one of staff will be in touch with me. Does it means that I don't have to contact with together for my first cancellation request.
since I made the new request, the cancellation date changed from 30 January to 16 February which means I have to pay the charge for one more month.
Can TPG just process my first request of cancellation and cancel my account on 30 January?


That's definitely noted, @q904711520


Kindly await for another email from our Accounts Team. 


Feel free to let us know should you have further queries.