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switch Naked ADSL2+ to an POP3 email account?

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We had the naked ADSL2+ connected under my name but now the home owner has TPG NBN connected under her name, so the ADSL2+ connection is no longer required. However, I would like to keep my email address. So, I was wondering if I can transfer my email address to the POP3 email only account and terminate the ADSL2+ account?

I did phone customer service and was transfered to the "correct department" 3 times only then to wait on hold 7 minutes before my call being dropped. If someone could handle this online for me or give a direct number to the "correct department", I would be a happy customer. Thanks


Hi @DawnC 


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We'll be glad to organize a call from our Accounts Team to assist you with your request. Although we're able to pull up an account using your community details, we're not sure if this is the same account you're trying to make the changes to. Can you send us a PM providing your username or customer ID and the TPG email address you'd like to switch to a POP3 account with. And since we're going to raise this for a call back, please include your best contact number and preferred time for a call as well.


For your reference: How do I private message (PM) in the community