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2.4Ghz 7 times slower than 5Ghz

Level 2

Having this issue for a while and tried getting support from customer support but no luck.

Speed tests done standing next to the modem, here's what I got:


2.4Ghz: Download 35Mbps (

5Ghz: 262Mbps (


The drop is insane and the internet barely works in other rooms on the 2.4Ghz network.

Customer support claims there is 2.4Ghz wifi interference from neighbours which is dropping my speed and nothing can be done to resolve this. I have scanned all available networks nearby and only one 2.4Ghz wifi on the same channel with 40% network strength. It's hard to believe that'd would cause this massive drop. Already replaced the modem but the issue persists. 


I'd really appreciate any solution I can try to get around this. Attached screenshot for reference (red ticked ones are mine).

Level 2

Did another scan, my 2.4Ghz is the strongest on channel 1 and there is no overlapping signal (screenshot for reference). Is it still possible something is dropping my speed from 260Mbps to 30Mbps?

Level 15

Hi @anam . What is the wifi connection speed you get on each band on your wifi device? What signal strength does it report?

Are there any other devices active on the 2.4G band at that time?

Have you tried the speed test on TPG's support page for comparison?

What was the original router model and the replacement model?

In the result.jpg, your 2 bands are listed twice. How does that come about?

If there are two wifi sources, can you disable one and try speed test again?


Level 2

Hi @david64 

On 2.4G it's 130Mbps and 886.7Mbps on 5Ghz. The signal strength is about -38 to -46 dBm on both frequencies. 

There are other devices but like phones, watch, smart devices at home, etc., none high usage.

I've tested on as well, same result as of (

Both are tp-link AC1600 (sent by TPG)

Not sure it shows up twice in the software because I don't have any other source repeater and during network discovery from laptop and phone I can see only once.

What's interesting is I get slightly better speed with my old modem. 

Screenshot attached for network and channel use.

Level 2

Anyone have any other solution I could try?

Level 4

Set this on ur 2.4GHz

Channel Width: 40MHz


Set this on ur 5GHz

Channel Width: 80MHz

Level 15

@anam . Can you do    netsh wlan show all     and for each of your networks post back:

Radio type
Basic rates (Mbps)
Other rates (Mbps)

How do these values compare with other networks you can see?


For each of your networks:

ping -n 20

ping -n 20 -l 65000

Do each command enough times to get a consistent response time.