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2+ weeks of slow NBN FTTN

Level 2
I’m located in Perth, WA. On NBN 100.

4+ weeks and going where internet speeds drop to near non existent or not connected at all, restarting modem works sometimes and other times it doesn’t.
This is issue is occurring across multiple devices. All lights on the modem are on, devices say it’s connected, but speeds are near 0 or no connection whatsoever.
Becoming a serious issue now.
I’ve done all the troubleshooting I can from my house. Can anyone help?

Hi @Felperera 


Do you have any device that is using a Wired connection or all of them are connected via WiFi?


Does it usually occur in the morning or evening or random times?


Please send us a private message with your account details.



Level 2
No wired connection, all wireless.

Happens at random times, there’s no correlation with days/times when it occurs.

Happened today again. No internet - 30 minutes later we have internet, tested connection on my PlayStation and we had 30 down, 3 up. Then it kicked back in