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20-40% packet loss when playing online games

Level 2

I am getting the same issue


20 - 40% packet loss in 

Sea of thieves

Battlefield 5

Planetside 2

And any other games


I was upgraded to  a 200mbps plan and recently taken back and since then i have had this issue

From what i am reading online this seems to be ISP issues

this is not the first time i have had issues with TPG and seeing as you are all getting the same issue, maybe its time i move to another ISP. 

I play games to escape the reality of being in lockdown etc and the last thing i need is the stress on internet connectivity issues!


Hi @Nibz


We're here to assist and intend to provide a good service. 


We'd like to check if there is any underlying connection issue that is affecting your service. 


Any chance you can send your Customer ID or username via private message so we can have a closer look on this for you?