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3G/4G Mobile Broadband configuration

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Trying to configure 3G/4G MBB dongle.


Despite having options on both the Basic and Advanced tabs for

USB Sharing >> 3G/4G Settings >> tick checkbox 'Enable 3G/4G as a backup solution for Internet access', the option does not work and TPG technical support are lacking expertise in how to enable this successfully.


$200 spent on MBB dongle and prepaid plan to specifically give me a backup solution (NBN is not perfect) is now a waste!


Hi @jdwright1956 ,


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May we know the make and model of your MBB Dongle? Have you contacted the manufacturer of the device to check further the needed settings?


Also, have you tried the SIM card that you've purchased with us if you are able to receive a 4G connection to your mobile phone? If yes, then the dongle needs to be checked.


Kind regards,