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441 4.3.5 Error getting LDAP results in map ldapmra 325

Level 2

Hi, I have a friend with an email address and they have issues sending to my email that is hosted as a domain in Google Workspace.

The error returned from TPG email servers is "451 4.3.5 Error getting LDAP results in map ldapmra: Unknown error 325".


I did think it may have been similar to the discussion here, but I have confirmed that this was a small sized email to a small number of recipients (10-20 each try).


The email address/domain being sent to on Google Workspace is working perfectly, getting many 100s of emails per day.... only this one from TPG systems that is getting tripped up in the TPG email server.


Any ideas why TPG's email server is erroring?


Hi @mlomax1 ,


Thanks for raising this to us. I recommend to directly raise this to our postmaster to get urgent assistance you may reach them by sending email to

Simply include the following details below:


  • Affected E-mail address:
  • Customer ID/Username:
  • Attach the screenshot of the error message.


Let us know should you require furhter assistance.