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Persistent slow nbn speed Diamond Creek

Level 2

I have a NBN FTTN 50 plan but speeds have dropped to 1.5 MBPS download and 4.5 MBPS upload 😳😳 over the last week. Wireless modem is connected directly to phone socket. I have called customer service line, 30 min wait. Please advise !!

Level 11

hi @ChrisGilmour . Do you have a VR1600 wifi router? Look in Advanced/Status page for DSL status. It shows the up and down speeds back to the node.

Are you doing speed test on ethernet device or wifi device (2.4G or 5G band)?



Hi @ChrisGilmour


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We were able to locate your account using your community details and tested the line.

We've detected a very low connection speed from your modem/router, however, we can't confirm if there's any issues within the line itself.


Please try to turn off and on the modem/router to give it a quick rest. Your case has been raised to our Engineering team for further investigation as well.

An assigned Engineer will be in touch with you via SMS or phone call within 24 to 48 hours.