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5 weeks TPG Scamming my money and no internet and no service

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3 weeks no DSL, no tech support. All tech support "busy". That simply means TPG are not hiring enough tech support to make more money for themselves and boost their share price.


Then I get the TPG NBN bundle because no DSL support. Its faulty next day. Days later a technician comes who says he cant figure out our connection. Is that for real?  He says the NBN signal is fading from high to low . But he says he fixed it then leaves. 


Next day its faulty again. When signal fades low would be a good guess.  Now today, another failed attempt to make it work. 


Today the morning "technician" doesnt show up. Or call. After sending me a badly written SMS confirming he was coming.


Then two individuals showed up late at 4.45pm to fix the faulty TPG NBN bundle.  Technicians?  Please TPG tell me the qualifications of the two individuals???


They played with wires and the modems for 15 minutes, then told my friend who waited ALL DAY   its fixed then rushed off without even testing it over the full range of low and high signal. That would be impossible in 15 minutes. They would have known that ws the problem from reading technician #1s report. Wouldnt they??


I just arrived at 8.00pm. No internet. Same fault it had since the day after it was installed. No TPG Internet for 5 weeks now going on six weeks.


TPG have made the commitment and taken my money to provide NBN. Its not very hard to make it work.




Level 3



5-5-20 No reply from TPG.