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50/20 (NBN Cable 50) -> 100/40 (NBN Superfast) Email confirming the switch, shows 50/2

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Recently we upgraded from NBN Cable 50 -> NBN Superfast, we have recieved the email confirmation, the customer portal shows this service as being active, I've turned the Cable modem off and on again, disconnected my router (pfSense) and reconnected again, the speed tests i'm recieving all indicate that I am still on the NBN Cable 50 plan.


Is there something I need to do from my side to initiate the change?

I was initially interested in switching from NBN Home Bundle -> NBN Business, although I could not see the option to do this from the tpg website, I'm interested to test if the 100/40 plan is available in my area anyway so this can be a topic for another day, but out of curiousity, this must be performed over the phone?, please check if my area can get this, my community username is my tpg username, thank you.




Hi peenut,


Welcome to Community! 


Upon checking the account, it shows that your current issue has now been escalated to our Engineering Team and their team are now conducting an investigation. Please expect a feedback within the next 24hrs.


It's also good to know that you're planning to upgrade your service to the NBN100 however I believe it is best if we'll wait until the issue is resolved before we proceed. 


Should you have further queries, please don't hesitate to let us know. 



Thank you. 


Hi @peenut,


I can see that one of our Engineers tried to contact you earlier today to provide the case progress unfortunately no avail.

In case you have a different preferred time and contact number let us know and we'll arrange another call from our Engineering Team.

Should you have further queries, please don't hesitate to let us know.