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554 message rejected as it appears to be spam

Level 2

I am receiving this message on any new email I try to send from my PC, this has been happening for the last week.


I looked up previous posts which advised the solution is to change password to TPG account.


I have done this but still receive the message. I have tried with my antivirus disabled to no avail.


TPG please help.

Level 14

Hi @nickjj77 . Are you getting this error on your mail client (which one) on your PC or in Post Office (webmail)?

How many recipients are you sending to?

Is the 554 error reported inside the email you are trying to send?

Can you post the headers in the email. X out the recipients' and your own email addresses and exclude the body (what you typed in) of the email. There may be more info apart from the error code.

Level 2

Weird all of a sudden my emails have started sending Ok.