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5G Broadband slow speeds

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I have been using 5G broadband for around 3 months and for most of the time it has been great. However, the internet has been abysmal after the recent storm in Sydney. I have attached a speed test below showing a download of 2.3Mbps and an upload of 4.8Mbps.


I have done some troubleshooting and found that the RSRP and RSRQ are displaying the same generic number of -32768. There are short periods where the internet comes back to full speed and shows an RSRP and RSRQ of double digits but most of the time it displays the generic number and is extremely slow. 

Capture.JPGtpg fast internet.JPGtpg slow internet.JPG

The location of the nearest 5G tower is around 300 metres from my apartment and I have been using 5G broadband with no problem for 2 months so I do not think that the location is the problem. The modem has been replaced and the problem still appears. Any help is appreciated to bring up the download and upload to usable speeds. 



Hi @woob,


Thanks for reaching out to us. I'll be arranging a callback from our technical team to assist you with your speed concern. Please send us a PM with your preferred time and number of contact number. Thank you. 

Level 2

I have encountered the exact same issue. Could you please share how you ultimately resolved it? @Rica_R @woob 


Hi @woob 


We'd like to check on this further.


Kindly send us a private message with your account details for us to run further tests.