5G Home Flaky

Level 2

Hi I have had TPG 5G home broadband for over a year And have had a very very good connection until the past week or so

Speedtest is giving me 1/2 the speed it was in the past (upload has not changed )  with longer ping times

The connection is disconecting for short periods of time ( 5-10 Mins) regularly


I have rebooted modem numerious times

The modem has direct sight to transmitter

I have tested by wifi & direct lan cable connection from computer to router I am conviced the issue is WAN not LAN related

Has there been a change in this system in the Port Melbourne area close to westage bridge?

Have you any suggestions to solve this problem?

Regards Andrew


Hi @Armiller1959 


Did you notice any changes with the light status of your modem/router?

What troubleshooting have you tried so far?


Please send us a private message with your account details for further checking.