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5G Home Wireless Broadband Plus is not working

Level 2

I got a contract for 5G Home Wireless Broadband Plus and got a modem 3 weeks ago.
I tried to connect to the Internet with devices. I can connect devices to a WIFI modem, but the modem seems to not have a connection with the Internet.


I called several times and got support from the customer support and technical team but it hasn't been solved.


When I checked the mytpg dashboard, the service status is "Waiting for Hardware Dispatch", and I haven't gotten any messages like "your service is activated".


I'm still waiting for their support team to call me, but I feel it will be useless anyway.
Does anyone have the same issue?



Hi @yeshi


Welcome to TPG Community! 


We'll take a look on your service status. Send us a PM with your TPG customer ID and we can discuss it from there. 

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